ChristPoint Community Church

Bryan Taunton is the planting Pastor of ChristPoint Community Church. He and his wife Laura opened their home to the call of God to plant a church in Sylacauga on April 17th, 2011.  They have been married for 31 years and have two children Lauren who teaches drama and English at Sylacauga High School and Hunter a recent graduate of UAB , married to Kristina.  All are active servants to our community.

Our pastor leads our church with a servants heart full of love after the manner of Christ.  He's stated on numerous occasions that John ch. 13 is probably his favorite book of the bible.  That passage of scripture contains the account of Christ washing the feet of the disciples.  This truly models Pastor Bryan's leadership style.  His entire frame work as a shepherd to CPCC is to lead them in spirit, truth, service, and love.  

He has a passion for people, loves his family deeply, loves our church deeply, and desperately desires to see people come to Christ.  

Some of his favorite sayings:

"I'd rather tell you the truth and you hate me than lie to you and you love me."

"You'll never go wrong investing in your family with church, but you'll always be wrong investing in family without church."

"Grace is more than God's unmerited favor, it is the divine reflection of God in ones life...... meaning grace does not motivate God to overlook sin, it motivates the follower of Christ to turn from sin."

"It's time The Church took notice and stopped allowing ourselves to be made relevant by way of our culture and started changing our culture and influencing it, instead of allowing it to influence us."

What you should expect from our Pastor:

  • Always expect him to tell you the truth as according to the teachings of scripture.
  • He has a tough shell and is always ready to hear your heart whether good or bad.
  • He has a forgiving nature and desires that we  each grow in love and understanding of God's word.  In this, we find strength and unity as a body.
  • Pastor Bryan is Bi-vocational and is known around our area as Santa.  He and his wife have also began a new start up company managing hunting lands and performing farming and forestry work.  He is not idle and is constantly on the go, but he desperately desires to be there for you when you need him.  For this reason, because he is bi-vocational advance notice of surgeries and patience during emergencies is greatly appreciated.  He will drop everything to get to you in a time of great need!
  • He models the good shepherd  of his flock, guarding the door way, and protecting it from the enemy.  He does this by being ready to come to your aid at all times, protecting you from spiritual harm, praying for you, serving you, and delivering truth and servant leadership.  his heart is most full when the hearts of his people are full and blessed.  When you hurt, he hurts, if you cry he will be there to comfort you, and there to celebrate with you during the blessed times.
  • He desperately tries to be the man and pastor God desires him to be.  He is very sensitive to the call upon his life and the dedication to study, prayer, and meditation it requires.  It's important to him that each person attending our faith family is growing and flourishing in God's word and Pastor Bryan believes in accountability in those matters.  One thing for sure, if you go to him on a question of morality, world culture, sin, or etc. be ready to hear what the word of God has to say.  You should also be ready to receive edification and accountability on the matter.
  • While Pastor Bryan is not a trained counselor he frequently meets with people for spiritual counseling.  If you need direction or a good listener,  His door is always open.

Bryan and Laura are dedicated to leading ChristPoint Community Church under the servant leadership of our Elders and Administrative Teams according to the direction the Lord provides.  He works very well with the leadership of CPCC and has never made an attempt to force his will, listens, and assist in motivating all leadership in the way God would have through effective communication and hands on direction.  Pastor is not the kind of man who is afraid to jump in and help where he can.  That said, he realizes the importance for each member to step up and use the gifts they have been given.  His style of leadership means he is available, accessible, and ready but he will not take charge of another person's ministry.  His endeavor is to help each one of us succeed in the calling God has placed upon our lives.

If you would like to speak to our Pastor or schedule an appointment to meet with him feel free to contact him personally at: 205-746-8864 or email him at